Al Havner & Sons Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing in Birmingham, Michigan

5 Generations Of Flooring Craftsmen Serving Birmingham

We’ve been in the building industry for thirty-one years, and our specialty lies in borders, medallions, inlays, herringbone, dark stain colors, hand scraping floors, not the machine bought stuff but the real deal.

As a company, our primary strengths are our punctuality and the fact that our word is like gold. We also never turn down a job that we know is going to be a rough one that all others have turned down.

Throughout the years in this field, we have always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and asked: “why would they hire us?” Our answer is always the same: we want the highest quality wood available, the best floor finishes on our floor and want clean, neat, sober men working in our homes. We would want to hire someone who will treat us and our house with respect, and do the job they promised. All of this is especially hard to find in a hardwood flooring contractor nowadays.

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