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Solid Hardwood Parquet Flooring Installation and Refinishing

Screening and coating is more of a maintenance program for floors. When your floors look like they need some sprucing up. Calling in a professional for this procedure will make them look new again and will add more years to the life of your floor.

What It Does & Does Not Do

Screen and coat is a very simple process that doesn't make any kind of a mess at all in your home. It will not remove deep scratches, dings and dents, but will eliminate most surface scratches and leave you with a beautiful finished floor. Prices for this process are usually less than half of a full blown sand job.

Old Floors Under Carpet

A lot of customers pull out 30 year old carpeting and think they can get away with a screen and coat. I have never see this be the case. Older floors have old waxes and other build ups of cleaning products that make adhesion of any new coat of finish impossible.

Any floor that has been cleaned with oil soaps and such are probably not good candidates for a screen and coat. If you have cleaned the floor with approved products that your hardwood flooring professional advised you to use, your floor can be recoated with no problems at all.

We have customers with very busy households who are on two year maintenance plans. A properly maintained hardwood floor will never have to be resanded unless you are tired of the color and need a change. The screen we use is just that, it looks like a window screen but is coated with abrasives.

The screen serves two purposes:

  1. Cleans the floor
  2. Creates a scratch pattern in the floor so that the new and old coats make a mechanical bond.

Floor Board Cracks & Gaps

If your floor has some separation between boards, we can fill the floor and stain the filler in the newly filled cracks for you. This obviously will take a lot more time and will add to the cost. This can be done and most anyone else will not do it or have never done it. We know how to do it and do it all the time.

How Long Does It Take?

To screen and apply a single coat of our premium "street shoe" finish will usually take just a few hours to complete provided we're not dealing with furniture removal. To screen and coat and apply two coats of street shoe would take as many as 6 hours to complete. Within 4 hours after completion, your floor will be ready for light foot traffic. The next evening you could bring in your furniture and gently set it in place.

What About All My Furniture?

Furniture removal is an added expense and something we will provide for you. In certain circumstances we have been known to have a professional moving company come in and handle all the moving. Some jobs may have to be done in sections because of the amount of furniture in the home. This can get very costly and may be to your advantage to rent a pod and set it in your driveway until the job is completed.

Rental Properties

Screening and coating in rental units is very popular. For those that own rental units and re coat every time a tenant moves out, these floors will last and last. For years we were contracted with the University of Michigan with screening and coating their family housing units. It can be a very inexpensive way to ensure a clean new looking floor for every new tenant.

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  • Sanding Screen used for Hardwood Floor Sanding in Bloomfield Hills by Al Havner and Sons Hardwood Flooring
    Sanding Screen - Used to abrade old finish so new finish application bonds properly.
  • Screening With Floor Buffer - Al Havner and Sons Hardwood Flooring
    Screening With Floor Buffer

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