What Makes Rubio Monocoat The Best Eco-Friendly Finish For Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice to enhance the appearance of a home and obtain great returns on investment. However, protecting your floor is essential to ensure you receive these advantages. To preserve your hardwood floors, you’ll find numerous flooring finishes in the market, but most of these may contain toxic or chemical components that could cause health issues by polluting the environment you live in.

If you’re on the lookout for a more eco-friendly option, give the Rubio Monocoat a try. This hardwood finish is a unique hard-wax oil (produced in Belgium) that emits zero VOCs. Moreover, Rubio Monocoat is a durable plant-based product capable of protecting and coloring wood surfaces in a single coat. It comes in over forty colors, is very easy to use, and offers superior liquid and wear resistance.

As more people are seeking environmentally responsible and durable floor finishes today, Rubio Monocoat was designed to offer high quality and eco-friendly wood protection. It comprises of advanced molecular bonding technology to provide long-lasting color and protection in one single layer. The Rubio state-of-the-art technology, also makes the finish compatible with almost all types of wood available for flooring.

As a non-polluting wood finish, Rubio Monocoat benefits virtually everyone on the planet because it has no adverse effects on indoor air quality. Besides, it’s a one coat system that gets buffed into the wood then buffed again to remove any excess, which helps you save money.

When it comes to pricing, the Rubio Monocoat may appear more expensive per liter than traditional flooring finishes. However, the overall cost is about the same as a good three-coat waterborne system.

There are many other VOC-green finishes available as well. However, out of all those we have used so far, the Rubio has proved to be the best of the lot. It is incredibly sustainable in areas of high traffic, on account of its strong molecular bonding, which presents durable, long-lasting protection. Moreover, surfaces treated with Rubio Monocoat are very easy to maintain and repair in the event of isolated scratches or damages.

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