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Turn & Run?

This job was one of those jobs where you just want to turn and run, but I have never been the type of guy to say no to anyone. The story behind this that took place in Northville is they tore out an existing wall between two bedrooms and they were thinking we could just weave the two rooms together, well that wasn't going to happen. First of all the edges of the boards didn't line up from room to room, and second the tongues were running in opposing directions.

Two Options For The Customer

I gave the customer two options. The first option was to remove the flooring from both rooms and re-install all new wood. This option in my opinion would have been the best option because of the many large cracks between the existing floor boards. When we run into this problem, we have to duplicate those cracks throughout the new wood or you're going to end up with a crooked floor.

The Lace In

To duplicate those cracks we have to put spacers between the boards, some guys use washers and some use coins. I like the coins because of the different thickness of each coin. Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters all have different thickness. The difference in price for us to remove the entire floor and install everything new, as opposed to lacing in one room to the other was only about $300.00 . The customer chose to do it the harder cheaper way, but what the heck. Like a former boss taught me and I teach my guys, you have to take the good with the bad. It took quite a while to do all the lacing in but in the end the results were stunning.

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    After - Finished with a chestnut stain from DuraSeal. Water based satin finish coats. Project time was two days for approximately 350 square feet.

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